G.F. Watts

In 1872, Tennyson suggested that his friend the artist George Frederic Watts move to Freshwater & by the end of 1873 The Briary was built. G.F. Watts created some of the most famous sculptures & paintings of the Victorian era.


Tennyson, Emily and Edward.

In 1853 the Poet Laureate, Tennyson, decided that he & his family should leave London & relocate to Freshwater, a remote region of the Isle of Wight, believing that here they could enjoy a quiet life away from his admirers. For almost forty years, Tennyson, his wife, Emily, & their sons, Hallam & Lionel, entertained guests at Farringford House. Their friends included the illustrator & author Edward Lear, & the artist Sir John Everett Millais.


Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll stayed in Holly Tree Cottage & the poet William Allingham stayed in Myrtle Cottage. Directly opposite is Whitecliff House where Alice Liddell, the girl for whom Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland for, stayed.


Ellen Terry

The photographer, Julia Maraget Cameron , & her family moved to the Isle of Wight in 1860, choosing to settle in a property adjoining the Farringford estate which they christened 'Dimbola'. The actress, Ellen Terry, & the artist, G.F. Watts, stayed at Dimbola Lodge on their honeymoon in 1864.


Tennyson's Monument

Tennyson’s Monument was built on Tennyson Down in 1897. Find out more.


Some sheep

In the Victorian era, the Isle of Wight became a popular tourist destination. Find out more.


Osborne House

Queen Victoria & her husband, Prince Albert bought Osborne House as a holiday retreat. Find out more.


Freshwater Bay

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The village

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Freshwater Gate in the 1860s. Close

Freshwater Gate in the 1890s. Close

Freshwater Gate - current map. Close

Freshwater Gate - UK map. Close

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