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Firstly, we would like to thank the organisations shown below who helped us while doing this project. We would like to especially thank Dimbola Lodge.

We would like to also thank David Thornton (owner of the Freshwater Bay post office) for his help and for lending us a large number of original resources and materials from his own collection. And, we would also like to thank Steven Holden for access to his Isle of Wight post-card collection website.


Permission to use this website

We encourage you to link to this website and use it within your teaching or other activities.  We also encourage you to ‘embed’ the interactive map in your own websites using the html code underneath the map.

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Text on the website

All of the text on the website was written by academic staff at the University of Portsmouth.  Some of this text is excerpts from the booklet we have produced, Tennyson’s Celebrity Circle.


Graphics and interaction

All of the ‘drawn’ graphics (i.e. the map of the Isle of Wight, the map of Freshwater Bay and the interface of the interactive map) were produced by the Online Development team at the University of Portsmouth.


Older paintings and photographs

Photographs and paintings are within the public domain due to their age. Please see the Copyright Service website, the government’s Intellectual Property Service website and the university copyright website for more details.


Recent photographs

Most of the recent photographs on the website were taken by the Online Development team at the University of Portsmouth.  However, there are a few that were taken by other people.